ASP.Net AJAX Accordion Control using C#

AJAX Accordion Control extender provides the functionality to display multiple panes of navigation links. Accordion control contains collapsible panels associated with each pane displaying the main heading that allows you to show or hide the sub panels having navigation links. AJAX Accordion control enables you to display the long list of links in a small space on web page. You can specify the height of Accordion control and set the AutoSize property value as None, Limit or Fill according to your requirements.

Properties of AJAX Accordion Control

Following properties enable you to customize the look and feel of Accordion control. You can also customize the animation effects of AJAX Accordion control using these properties:

1. AutoSize

2. FadeTransitions

3. TransitionDuration

4. FramesPerSecond

5. SelectedIndex

6. RequireOpenedPane

7. ContentCssClass

8. HeaderCssClass

9. HeaderSelectedCssClass

You can learn the use of above properties from the tutorial of AJAX Accordion control by following the link given at the bottom of this sample.

Try the sample below understand the simple functionality AJAX Accordion Control:

Pane 1
Content 1
Pane 2
Pane 3