ASP.Net AJAX Calendar Control using C#

AJAX Calendar control provides the functionality to display the calendar view that allows you to select the date value and set it into the ASP.Net textbox control. AJAX Calendar control provides 3 types of views to choose the date. Initially Calendar control loads with day view showing all the dates of the current month. Top heading of calendar displays the name of the month and year part of the date. A single click on top section changes the calendar view to month view and second click shifts the view to year view. You can choose the year from year view that will shift the view to month view that allows you to select the month name and finally day view to select the date of the selected month.

Properties of AJAX Calendar Control

Following properties allow you to set the popup position of the calendar control relative the target control for example textbox. You can also specify the selected date and format of the date value that enables you to load the Calendar with specified date as initial value and return the selected date value with specified format.

1. Animate

2. FirstDayOfWeek

3. Format

4. PopUpButtonID

5. PopUpPosition

6. SelectedDate

7. TargetControlID

You can learn the use of above properties from the tutorial of AJAX Calendar control by following the link given at the bottom of this sample.

Try the sample below to understand the use of AJAX Calendar control with ASP.Net server controls:

Click on image button to open AJAX Calendar:


Click inside the textbox to open AJAX Calendar: