ASP.Net AJAX CascadingDropdown Control XML DataBinding using C#

In the previous sample we discussed the use of AJAX CascadingDropdown control with SQL databinding. In this sample we will learn the use of XML data file to bind the data with CascadingDropdown control using web service method. As AJAX CascadingDropdown extender works with 2 or more Dropdownlist controls that enable you to load the primary data in first dropdown and further it populates the second Dropdown list control dynamically with related data on selected index change event of first dropdownlist. All this functionality works without refreshing the ASP.Net web page. To understand the XML Databinding feature of AJAX CascadingDropDown control we have generated a simple XML datafile containing the categories and their related products with the help Northwind SQL database. It will load the category names in first Dropdownlist control that will populate the related products into the second dropdownlist control accroding to the category name selected.

Properties of AJAX CascadingDropdown Control

1. TargetControlID

2. ParentControlID

3. PromptText

4. Category

5. EmptyText

6. EmptyValue

7. LoadingText

8. SelectedValue

9. ServicePath

10. ServiceMethod

You can learn the use of above properties from the tutorial of AJAX CascadingDropdown control by following the link given at the bottom of this sample.

Try the sample below to understand the functionality of AJAX CascadingDropdown using XML databinding:

Select Category :
Select Product :