ASP.Net AJAX DropShadow Control using C#

AJAX DropShadow control provides the functionality to display the shadow of targeted ASP.Net Panel control. You can customize the appearance of shadow using different sets of properties of AJAX DropShadow extender control. You can set the opacity of shadow that makes it transparent or opaque based on its value. DropShadow control also allows you to generate the shadow with rounded edges of specific radius and width.

Properties of AJAX DropShadow Control

1. TargetControlID

2. Rounded

3. Radius

4. Opacity

5. Width

You can learn the use of above properties and get the C# code from the tutorial of AJAX DropShadow control by following the link given at the bottom of this sample.

Try the sample below to understand the functionality of AJAX DropShadow control:

Panel Control attached to the AJAX Control Toolkit DropShadow Extender

Set Shadow Width:
Set Shadow Opacity: