ASP.Net AJAX ModalPopup Control using C#

AJAX ModalPopup Control provides the functionality to display a popup window within the same window that blurs and disables the background page content and sets the focus on modal popup. You can place the ASP.Net server control inside the Panel control that can attached to the AJAX ModalPopup extender control. You can adjust the position of ModalPopup relatice the X and Y axis of the browser window. AJAX ModalPopup control has properties that enable you to associate the OK button and Cancel button with it so that Modal Popup should perform the action based the button clicked by the user. ModalPopup control also supports Drag functionality that allows you to move the Popup at some other location on the web page.

Properties of AJAX ModalPopup Control

1. TargetControlID

2. PopupControlID

3. OkControlID

4. CancelControlID

5. OnOkScript

6. X

7. Y

8. RepostionMode

9. DropShadow

10. PopupDragHandleControlID

You can learn the use of above properties and get the C# code from the tutorial of AJAX ModalPopup control by following the link provided at the bottom of this sample.

Try the sample below to understand the functionality of AJAX ModalPopup control:

This is a sample text for AJAX ModalPopUp Control Extender

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