ASP.Net AJAX NoBot Control using C#

AJAX NoBot extender control provides anti-spam or anti spam bot functionality that enables you to prevent the auto spamming techniques to destroy the web sites. AJAX Nobot control provides the invisible functionality that requires no human interaction to fill up the text provided in CAPTCHA image. It detects the frequent activity of user from a single IP address and blocks the user activity instantly.

Properties of AJAX NoBot Control

1. Valid

2. InvalidBadResponse

3. InvalidResponseTooSoon

4. InvalidAddressTooActive

5. InvalidBadSession

6. InvalidUnknown

You can learn the use of above properties and get the C# code from the tutorial of AJAX NoBot control by following the link provided at the bottom of this sample.

Try the sample below to understand the functionality of AJAX NoBot control:

NoBot Response State:

Client IP Address: