ASP.Net AJAX PasswordStrength Control using Bar Meter using C#

AJAX PasswordStrength control provides the functionality to display the indication about password composition along with special instructions to create a secure password. You can specify the strong password composition properties of AJAX PasswordStrength control such as minimum number of Uppercase letters and special characters required to create a secure password. In this sample we have used CSS styles to generate a bar meter indicating the status of password strength.

Properties of AJAX PasswordStrength control

1. TargetControlID

2. StrengthIndicatorType

3. DisplayPosition

4. PreferredPasswordLength

5. MinimumNumericCharacters

6. MinimumSymbolCharacters

7. MinimumLowerCaseCharacters

8. MinimumUpperCaseCharacters

9. RequiresUpperAndLowerCaseCharacters

10. PrefixText

11. TextStrengthDescription

12. CalculationWeightings

13. HelpStatusLabelID

14. HelpHandlePosition

You can learn the use of above properties and get the C# code from the tutorial of AJAX PasswordStrength control by following the link provided at the bottom of this sample.

Try the sample below to understand the functionality of AJAX PasswordStrength control with Bar meter using CSS styles:

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