ASP.Net AJAX SlideShow Control using C#

AJAX Slideshow extender control provides the functionality to dislay the collection of images in the form of slideshow. Using AJAX Slideshow control you can generate a slideshow of images rertieved from local source or remote source such as using RSS feeds. AJAX Slideshow control also provides some extra features like start or stop the slideshow, time interval to change the image, transition effects etc. Slideshow controls works with the help web service method that returns the array of Slideshow images along with their titles and descriptions.

Properties of AJAX Slideshow Control

1. TargetControlID

2. AutoPlay

3. ImageTitleLabelID

4. ImageDescriptionLabelID

5. NextButtonID

6. PlayButtonID

7. PlayButtonText

8. StopButtonText

9. PreviousButtonID

10. Loop

11. SlideShowServiceMethod

You can learn the use of above properties and get the C# code from the tutorial of AJAX SlideShow control by following the link provided at the bottom of this sample.

Try the sample below to understand the functionality of AJAX SlideShow control.