ASP Vbscript UCase String Function

Updated on 21 Feb 2012,
Published on 04 Aug 2008

Vbscript UCase string function provides the functionality to convert the string to uppercase in ASP web pages. Using vbscript UCase function, you can convert the string containing lower case and upper case letters to uppercase completely. Vbscript UCase function keeps the uppercase characters unchanged and converts the lowercase characters to uppercase in the provided string. Assign the string expression value to vbscript variable and pass the variable to vbscript UCase function to get the string in uppercase.

Classic ASP VbScript String Functions Examples:

You can see the live samples and examples of Classic ASP VbScript String functions from the following links:

Syntax for ASP Vbscript UCase String Function


UCase function accepts the string type value or vbscript variable having string type value containing both lowercase and uppercase letters that you want to convert into uppercase completely.

Examples of ASP Vbscript UCase String Function

Example 1
Dim myString

myString = "UCase String Function"


Example 2
Dim myString




Vbscript UCase function converts only lowercase letters to uppercase. All other characters such as numeric digits and special characters including punctuation marks remain unchanged. UCase function performs action only on English alphabetical characters.

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You can see the output of above discussed code from the following link:

String UCase Function

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